Seal Of Power

Orphic Hymns (VII). Orphic Hymn To Saturn

The Orphic Hymn to Saturn ETHERIAL father, mighty Titan, hear, Great fire of Gods and men, whom all revere: Endu’d with various council, pure and strong, To whom perfection and decrease belong. Consum’d by thee all forms that hourly die, By thee restor’d, their former place supply; The world immense in everlasting chains, Strong and […]

Orphic Hymns (VI). Orphic Hymn To The Moon

The Orphic Hymn to the Moon Hear, Goddess queen, diffusing silver light, Bull-horn’d, and wand’ring thro’ the gloom of Night. With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide Night’s torch extending, through the heav’ns you ride: Female and male, with silv’ry rays you shine, And now full-orb’d, now tending to decline. Mother of ages, fruit-producing Moon, […]

Orphic Hymns (V). Orphic Hymn To Mars

Orphic Hymn To Mars Magnanimous, unconquer’d, boistrous Mars, In darts rejoicing, and in bloody wars Fierce and untam’d, whose mighty pow’r can make The strongest walls from their foundations shake: Mortal destroying king, defil’d with gore, Pleas’d with war’s dreadful and tumultuous roar: Thee, human blood, and swords, and spears delight, And the dire ruin […]

Orphic Hymns (IV). Orphic Hymn To Mercury

Orphic Hymn To Mercury Hermes, draw near, and to my pray’r incline, Angel of Jove, and Maia’s son divine; Prefect of contest, ruler of mankind, With heart almighty, and a prudent mind. Celestial messenger of various skill, Whose pow’rful arts could watchful Argus kill. With winged feet ’tis thine thro’ air to course, O friend […]

Orphic Hymns (III). Orphic Hymn To Venus

Orphic Hymn To Venus HEAV’NLY, illustrious, laughter-loving queen, Sea-born, night-loving, of an awful mien; Crafty, from whom necessity first came, Producing, nightly, all-connecting dame: Tis thine the world with harmony to join, For all things spring from thee, O pow’r divine. The triple Fates are rul’d by thy decree, And all productions yield alike to […]

Orphic Hymns (II). The Orphic Hymn To The Sun

The Orphic Hymn To Sun Hear, golden Titan, whose eternal eye With matchless sight illumines all the sky. Native, unwearied in diffusing light, And to all eyes the object of delight: Lord of the Seasons, beaming light from far, Sonorous, dancing in thy four-yok’d car. With thy right hand the source of morning light, And […]

Orphic Hymns (I). The Orphic Hymn To Jupiter

About Orpheus. Orpheus is a legendary character of Thracian origin. Poet, musician, philosopher to whom the Orphic Mysteries are attributed. He would have received an initiation directly from Apollo, and through his lyre he could charm any creature, be it human, animal, stone or plant. Orpheus travels to Hell (Hades) to rescue his wife, Eurydice, […]

The Flaming Sword: An Hidden Path Back To Grace

During the act of Creation, Flashing Sword or the Lightening Flash represents the primordial descending of light, or Mezla. After God created the World, the energy started to rise back to its original Source. This is the way of Kundalini ascending back to the Divine realms. As we envision the process of creation within ourselves, […]

Ascending Realms: Unveiling the Mysteries of Angelic Orders

The concept of angelic orders is rooted in religious traditions, particularly Christianity. Pseudo-Dionysius proposed a hierarchy, organizing celestial beings into three triads. The first triad includes Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones, associated with love, wisdom, and divine justice. The second triad consists of Dominions, Virtues, and Powers, linked to administration, grace, and defense. The third triad involves Principalities, Archangels, and Angels, associated with regional guardianship, divine messages, and earthly tasks. Variations exist among different religious and spiritual traditions.

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