Bhavas, The 12 Houses

In Vedic astrology, the birth chart, also known as the “Kundli” or “Janam Kundli,” is divided into 12 houses, each representing different aspects of life. These houses are determined based on the individual’s exact time, date, and place of birth. Here’s a brief description of the 12 houses in Vedic astrology.

  1. First House (Lagna/Birth Ascendant): This house represents the self, physical appearance, personality traits, and overall individuality. It indicates the native’s approach to life and their basic characteristics.

  2. Second House: The second house represents wealth, possessions, material resources, family, speech, and self-worth. It relates to one’s financial stability, accumulated assets, and family values.

  3. Third House: The third house is associated with communication, siblings, short journeys, courage, and mental inclinations. It signifies one’s communication skills, relationships with siblings, and their efforts in various undertakings.

  4. Fourth House: The fourth house represents home, family, emotions, mother, roots, and real estate. It signifies one’s domestic life, ancestral heritage, and inner emotional well-being.

  5. Fifth House: The fifth house is associated with creativity, children, education, romance, speculative ventures, and personal expression. It signifies one’s artistic abilities, intellectual pursuits, and enjoyment in love affairs and recreational activities.

  6. Sixth House: The sixth house represents health, daily routines, conflicts, service, enemies, and obstacles. It relates to one’s ability to overcome challenges, maintain good health, and manage responsibilities.

  7. Seventh House: The seventh house is associated with partnerships, marriage, business relationships, contracts, and legal matters. It signifies one’s approach to relationships, partnerships, and the qualities sought in a life partner.

  8. Eighth House: The eighth house represents transformations, secrets, inheritance, occultism, and longevity. It relates to one’s understanding of life’s deeper mysteries, hidden resources, and matters related to life and death.

  9. Ninth House: The ninth house is associated with spirituality, higher education, philosophy, beliefs, long-distance travel, and luck. It signifies one’s quest for knowledge, spiritual growth, and their connection with higher truths.

  10. Tenth House: The tenth house represents career, profession, reputation, achievements, and public image. It relates to one’s professional ambitions, social status, and recognition in society.

  11. Eleventh House: The eleventh house is associated with gains, aspirations, friendships, social networks, and income. It signifies one’s hopes, desires, and their ability to fulfill their goals. It also represents one’s relationship with friends and their social circle.

  12. Twelfth House: The twelfth house represents spirituality, solitude, losses, hidden matters, subconscious mind, and liberation. It signifies one’s inclination towards spirituality, involvement in charitable activities, and the need for introspection and retreat.

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