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  Phowa prayer

I was initiated in the Phowa teachings in Menri Monastery (2023) by Geshe Sherab Lodoe. This is the the Jagurma Phowa prayer I received from him in the beautiful land of Himachal, including this image of these 3 Buddhas used in the meditation process. 





Bonku Kuntu Zangpo la sol wa deb

I pray to Kuntu Zangpo


Zogku Ma we Senghe la sol wa deb

I pray to Zogku Mawe Senghe


Tulku Sherab Gyaltsen la sol wa deb

I pray to Tulku Sherab Gyaltsen


Kunkhen Sherab Gongyal la sol wa deb

I pray to Kunkhen Sherab Gongyal


Nang ton Dawa Gyaltsen la sol wa deb

I pray to Nang ton Dawa Gyaltsen


Khechog Nyima Tenzin la sol wa deb

I pray to Khechog Nyima Tenzin


Dro gon Sherab Yungdrung la sol wa deb

I pray to Dro gon Sherab Yungdrung


Drinchen Tsa we lama la sol wa deb

I pray to my root master.

Dedication prayer:

Go sum dak pe ge wa gang gyi pa

All pure virtue done through the three doors

Kham sum semchen nam kyi don du ngo

I dedicate to the welfare of all sentient beings of the three realms

Duk sum sak pi le drib kun jang ne

Having purified all afflictions and obscurations of the three poisons

Ku sum zok pi sangye nyur thob shog

May we swiftly achieve the perfect state of Buddhahood endowed with the three bodies of enlightenment

(translated by Sangmo Yangri)

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