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The Shemhamephorash (שֵׁם הַמְּפֹרָשׁ), also known as the “Explicit Name” or the “72-fold Name of God,” is a concept in Kabbalistic mysticism. It is associated with the 72 angels or divine beings. These combinations are derived from Exodus 14:19-21, where each verse consists of 72 letters.

During Set’s imprisonment of Osiris in the Golden Coffin, he secured it using 72 lead nails. Yona, whose name translates to “Dove,” endured a period of three days or precisely 72 hours within the belly of the Great Fish. Similarly, Jesus spent an equivalent duration of 72 hours in the tomb before experiencing resurrection.

Taoist esoteric alchemy called Nei Kung in Chinese, acknowledges 72 levels of development. It is my contention that the enchanting potency of 72 encapsulates diverse forces or principles of Nature, various tiers of consciousness, and significant virtues that ought to be nurtured within the Human Soul.

72° divisions in the pentagram

The number 72 precisely fits into the 360 degrees constituting a circle, symbolizing Eternal Spirit, because Spirit has no beggining and no end, exactly five times. When these five points which are the results from these divisions within the circle are connected by straight line, a pentagram appears. For our ancestors, the Pentagram was used as a representation of the Human Constitution, encompassing the four Elements of Nature in conjunction with the focal point of our shared Origin: the Spirit.

From Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Libri tres de occulta philosophia. Scanned by Jörgen Nixdorf

The Shemhamephorash is often divided into four sets of 18 angels, with each set associated with one of the four elements (fire, water, air, and earth) and one of the four astrological signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus). Each angel is believed to have specific attributes, powers, and influences.

Practitioners may engage with these angels through meditation, prayer, or other ritualistic practices or even chanting specific Psalms. The ultimate goal is realizing the Great Work.

Some popular texts associated with the Shemhamephorash include the “Sefer Yetzirah” (Book of Creation) and the “Zohar,” foundational texts in Kabbalah. It’s essential to approach these subjects with respect for the cultural and religious contexts from which they arise, as well as an understanding that interpretations may differ among different practitioners and traditions.

72 Angels Of The Name Mandala 


First Set (Aries, Fire):

  1. Vehuiah – Courage and willpower.
  2. Jeliel – Healing and compassion.
  3. Sitael – Endurance and patience.
  4. Elemiah – Liberation and redemption.
  5. Mahasiah – Transformation and renewal.
  6. Lelahel – Healing and protection.
  7. Achaiah – Patience and diplomacy.
  8. Cahetel – Divine justice and righteousness.
  9. Haziel – Divine mercy and forgiveness.
  10. Aladiah – Inner strength and balance.
  11. Lauviah – Spiritual awakening and insight.
  12. Hahaiah – Enlightenment and understanding.
  13. Iezalel – Emotional healing and support.
  14. Mebahel – Abundance and prosperity.
  15. Hariel – Love and compassion.
  16. Hakamiah – Healing and wisdom.
  17. Lauviah – Spiritual awakening and insight.
  18. Caliel – Harmony and balance.

Second Set (Taurus, Earth):

  1. Leuviah – Knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Pahaliah – Transformation and growth.
  3. Nelchael – Divine justice and karma.
  4. Ieiaiel – Healing and rejuvenation.
  5. Melahel – Creativity and inspiration.
  6. Haheuiah – Inner strength and resilience.
  7. Nith-Haiah – Patience and perseverance.
  8. Haaiah – Spiritual insight and intuition.
  9. Jerathel – Abundance and fertility.
  10. Seheiah – Healing and protection.
  11. Reiyel – Compassion and empathy.
  12. Omael – Liberation and freedom.
  13. Lecabel – Harmony and balance.
  14. Vasariah – Healing and forgiveness.
  15. Yehuiah – Inner strength and determination.
  16. Lehahiah – Transformation and change.
  17. Chavakiah – Healing and regeneration.
  18. Menadel – Enlightenment and spiritual insight.

Third Set (Gemini, Air):

  1. Anauel – Wisdom and spiritual insight.
  2. Mehiel – Divine love and compassion.
  3. Damabiah – Healing and purification.
  4. Manakel – Liberation and freedom.
  5. Eyael – Creativity and inspiration.
  6. Habuhiah – Inner strength and courage.
  7. Rochel – Divine justice and righteousness.
  8. Jabamiah – Transformation and change.
  9. Haiaiel – Healing and protection.
  10. Mumiah – Abundance and prosperity.
  11. Rochel – Divine justice and righteousness.
  12. Yabamiah – Spiritual awakening and insight.
  13. Haiayah – Enlightenment and understanding.
  14. Mumiah – Abundance and prosperity.
  15. Vehuel – Inner strength and balance.
  16. Jeliel – Healing and compassion.
  17. Sitael – Endurance and patience.
  18. Elemiah – Liberation and redemption.

Fourth Set (Cancer, Water):

  1. Mahasiah – Transformation and renewal.
  2. Lelahel – Healing and protection.
  3. Achaiah – Patience and diplomacy.
  4. Cahetel – Divine justice and righteousness.
  5. Haziel – Divine mercy and forgiveness.
  6. Aladiah – Inner strength and balance.
  7. Lauviah – Spiritual awakening and insight.
  8. Hahaiah – Enlightenment and understanding.
  9. Iezalel – Emotional healing and support.
  10. Mebahel – Abundance and prosperity.
  11. Hariel – Love and compassion.
  12. Hakamiah – Healing and wisdom.
  13. Lauviah – Spiritual awakening and insight.
  14. Caliel – Harmony and balance.
  15. Leuviah – Knowledge and wisdom.
  16. Pahaliah – Transformation and growth.
  17. Nelchael – Divine justice and karma.
  18. Ieiaiel – Healing and rejuvenation.

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