Seal Of Power

We come into this world in a completely unconscious manner. It is the same as when we go to sleep. We never know when we will reach the world of dreams. We wake up there… if we wake up, if we don’t, we’re just playing an unconscious role in a given scenario.

We always return because we are influenced by the five karmic forces that guide our entire life. Through magic, what we do is transcend these thresholds of reality.

  1. Acquired karma: it is the result of our mental, verbal and actional actions in the current life. You reap what you sow. For example, don’t drink water, you will face dehydration and later kidney or bone problems.
  2. Transgenerational karma: results from the conglomerate of genes and hereditary factors inherited from our family tree. It is a type of karma that is very difficult to overcome because of the gravitational forces of the ancestors that pull us back into the world and their patterns and do not let us fly.
  3. Environmental Karma: represents the way geomantic forces act on us. Here we also include the temperature, climate and karmic imprints of the place where we are born or choose to live.
    Astrological Karma: this type of karma includes the patterns of the 7 planets or stars to which our destiny is linked. Our astrological configuration draws a map of our life.
  4. Stellar Karma: this is a very advanced level of karma, where our soul experiences liberation on a galactic level, not a planetary level.

The moment you passed the Abyss and arrived in Kether or in the Sahasrara chakra, which is the eastern correspondent of the Crown, then we must understand that that is enlightenment. The abyss is a state of disaggregation of the ego, of identity and our reconstruction in a purer and more conscious form. With the passage of the Abyss, we pass into a higher dimension and the Sahasrara Chakra from this world is the Muladhara Chakra from the higher plane. The same applies to the Sephiroth. The Kether of our world is the Malkuth of the upper world, and the Malkuth of the present plane is actually the Kether of other worlds.

How can we overcome these magnetic forces of karma?

First of all, we must have a map and a work plan. I will briefly reproduce the route:

The first 3 types of karma (i.e. acquired; transgenerational and environmental) are resolved with the purification of the four elements from the classical system that represent the 4 bricks of reality. For these levels, we will work with the Pentagrams and the Tai Chi of Enlightenment and Kundalini Yoga;
The level of astrological karma is purified by working with the Hexagrams that clean the karmic imprints from the higher planes of consciousness.

There are further steps, but it is not necessary to mention them here and now.

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