The Map Of Magnum Opus

Well, many guru’s are talking about enlightenment, but nobody shows us what it is and how is done. People end up doing sophisticated techniques but without a clue where they’re heading or if the results are enough to get them towards their goal.

Tree of Life is a Map of enlightenment for sure. We climb the tree to the top, we rarefy the energy and sublimate it from the density of Malkuth to the fullness of Kether.

But there are other maps that cand show us how Magnum Opus can be achieved and how to get there. One of these models are the geocentric model.

Here are some facts about Aristotelian model of the Universe:

Aristotle’s theory of the universe, often referred to as the Aristotelian or Ptolemaic cosmology, was a widely accepted model of the universe for over a thousand years, from ancient Greece until the early modern period. It was largely replaced by the heliocentric model proposed by Copernicus and later refined by Kepler and Galileo. Here are the key components of Aristotle’s universe theory:

  1. Geocentrism: Aristotle’s model placed the Earth at the center of the universe, with all other celestial bodies, including the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, moving in perfect, circular orbits around it.
  2. Spheres and Layers: According to Aristotle, the universe was organized into a series of concentric, transparent spheres, each associated with a celestial body. The Earth was located at the center of these spheres, and each sphere had its own specific properties, such as its material composition and rotational speed.
  3. Celestial Spheres: There were a total of 55 concentric celestial spheres, representing the Moon, Sun, planets, and stars. These spheres were thought to be crystalline and embedded in one another. Each celestial body was attached to a specific sphere, and its motion was caused by the rotation of its respective sphere.
  4. Circular Motion: Aristotle believed that celestial bodies moved in perfect, uniform circular orbits around the Earth. He argued that the circle was the most perfect shape and, therefore, the natural motion of the heavens should be circular and eternal.
  5. Elements and Physics: Aristotle’s cosmology was deeply intertwined with his ideas about the four terrestrial elements (earth, water, air, and fire) and the fifth celestial element (quintessence or aether) that composed the heavens. He believed that objects in the heavens were made of this special element and followed different physical laws than objects on Earth.
  6. No Parallax: One of the significant problems with Aristotle’s model was the absence of observable parallax among the stars. If the stars were positioned on distant celestial spheres, as Aristotle proposed, astronomers should have seen some relative motion of nearby stars when viewing them from different points on Earth’s orbit. However, no such motion was observed, which presented a challenge to his theory.

Anyway, the model as I see it it’s not made for exploring the Universe, but for exploring consciousness and infinity.

  • 1st layer of the map are the four classical elements: fire, water, air, earth. This is the 1st level of our karma. The elemental patterns that shapes our destiny. At his level we work with the Pentagrams and with the 4 Archangels of the Elements;
  • 2nd layer are planets which are the spheres of the Tree Of Life too. Our destiny is binded by the seven stars: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Every planets has its place on the Sephirot (Earth/Malkuth; Moon/Yesod; Mercury/Hod; Venus/Netzach; Sun/Tipharet; Mars/Geburah; Jupiter/Chessed; Saturn/Chochmah). The other two spheres doesn’t corespond to any planet but we should have a way to integrate them into our practice. We will use the hexagrams at this point, because their sacred geometry resolve the energies at an upper level of reality. After we work with the planets, we go after the constelations of the zodiac which are the 12 archetypes of the horoscope. Every zodiac signs it’s asigned to an Archangel. The next level are the Zodiac Decans, 3 for every sign starting with Aries besides the Archangel. The zodiac decans are subdivisions of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, each spanning 10 degrees within a 30-degree sign. These subdivisions provide a more detailed and nuanced understanding of a person’s astrological profile, as they introduce additional planetary influences to the basic characteristics of a sun sign.
  • The last level are the 72 Angels of the Name, the Shem Ha Mephorash. This is the the most advanced practice and it’s the foundation of the Corpus Christi, the Luminous Body. The 72 Names are the 72 levels of consciousness, veils of the Matrix.

The Abyss can be found after reaching Saturn or Binah Sphere.  The void, it’s a symbol of dezintegration of the self, Ruach (Ego), our own image that we fell inlove and we are trapped looking at it like Narcis from the Gree mythology. We also have the Nephesh, the animal body we need to transcend too. The abyss is not empty, is something ther, a mythical creature, the Ouroboros. Ouroboros signifies the infinite because it’s the cause of unconscious reincarnation. The Ourobors is also reffered as Leviathan in the Bible. This “dragon” is embedded as an karmic imprint in our soul pattern.

Long story short, we must reach Golgotha, the “skull-shaped” hill, the Kether, the top of the head. Doing that we die as humans and we reborn as Gods, as Yeshua did and we also accomplish the hidden meaning of the sacred text from Genesis: … [God to the snake] he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

By these practices we are building bridges between us and God  until the point we disolve in him/her/it.


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