Seal Of Power

The exercise is more of a preamble that precedes LBRP and is intended to harmonize the two great polarities: Zenith and Nadir, Heaven and Earth, the 3D dimension and the spiritual planes.

The cross symbol consists of two axes with two different meanings that join in the center of the heart. The horizontal axis refers to the material world and our human-earthly destiny and the vertical axis to the spiritual evolution, to the fulfillment of the angelic-celestial destiny. Basically, every human being is an angel who has not yet become aware of his “wings“.

The KC structure follows the paths of the Tree of Life. The vertical line brings together the Kether (Crown), Tipharet (Beauty) and Malkuth (Kingdom) Spheres, and the horizontal, the Geburah (Severity) and Chessed (Mercy) spheres.

The Lord’s Prayer folds very accurately as structure on the activation of these spheres of the Tree of Life. To perform the ritual in its authentic form, it will be necessary to visualize the spheres while activating them and to recite the Names associated with them.

In the beginning, the colours is not mandatory to vizualise. You can see all the spheres of radiant white color.

Long story short KC means to “enflame yourself with prayer”. In the traditional way, the Sphere of Tipharet, which is the heart is not mentioned. This version we practice QC including the Tipharet Sphere too because it’s the center of the Tree Of Life and here all the energies from all the Spheres are interwining.


Activate the dagger gesture with the right hand. Face East.
Touch thy forehead and say ATEH (thou art)
Touch the heart and vibrate ADONAI (the Lord)
Touch thy pubis (visualize the Sphere under your feet) and say MALKUTH (the Kingdom)
Touch thy right shoulder and say VE-GEBURAH (and the Power)
Touch thy left shoulder and say VE-GEDULAH (and the Glory)
Clasp thy hands before thee and say LE-OLAM (for ever)
With the dagger gesture, point up and say AMEN.

(breath in and hold for few seconds and then breath out and feel the Spheres and the paths vibrating pure light).

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