You can book a session with me and I can help you achieving a state of mind where you can be freed from anxiety, stress, attachments or to magnetize your aura and attract meaningful situations or people in your life. 

  • Soul contracts of the 1st Chakra: security, safety, food, poverty, generational trauma, abandoment fears
  • Soul contracts of the 2nd Chakra: sexual trauma, unhealthy boundaries, casual and intimate relationships, promiscuity
  • Soul contracts 3rd Chakra: low self esteem, lack of inner power, lack of ambition and courage, no discipline, laziness, fear of rejection or feeling like a foul, anxiety caused by the physical appearance, weak character
  • Soul contracts 4th Chakra: emotional avoidance, fear of love, fear of commitment, jealousy, fear of loneliness, betrayal, trust issues
  • Soul contracts 5th Chakra: unable to take personal decisions, lack of charisma, not knowing your voice, addictions, judgement
  • Soul contracts 6th Chakra: fog, clarity issues, uncertainty, feelings of inadeuqacy, ability to see the whole picture
  • Soul contracts 7th Chakra: faith, trusting the Life Force, spirituality and devotion

Unbinding: unbinding the karmic strings & deleting the soul contracts that bind you to harmful situations and relationships. (100USD). Details: 45′ Zoom Session

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