Custom/Personalized Sigil


Everyone has a personal, unique sigil and it’s based on personal numerology (birthdate) and astrology. We will provide you in 5-7 days the sigil in two formats. What we need from you: birthdate and (optional) maniestation keywords about what you want (e.g. love; abundance; self trust).

  • custom sigil | golden format | black/white format
  • PDF ebook with methodology and activation



Each person has a seal corresponding to the vibration, the frequency with which it comes from the light. In this seal, he can prepare if he enters an important element of individual destiny.

(1) a specific rune of the zodiac such as; (2) personal element; (3) a specific Hebrew letter; (4) etymology of your name.

You can tatto it, or use it as a personal talisman.

Please let me know know when you order: 1) your name; 2) your birthday; 3) manifestation keywords like love, money, “i am abundace” etc.


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